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Aechelon Technology Announces Acceptance of the Visual System for the Spanish AV-8B Radar Night Attack Simulator

SAN CARLOS, Calif., May 22, 2002 — Aechelon Technology, Inc. announced the acceptance of the visual system for the Spanish AV-8B RNAWST Trainer, to be located at Rota, Spain. The visual system was delivered by Aechelon Technology for integration with the trainer at the Winter Park, FL facilities of Indra Sistemas S.A., the Spanish RNAWST prime contractor, pursuant to US Naval Air Warfare Center – Training Systems Division contract no. N61339-01-C-0055.

The visual system features Aechelon Technology’s C-NOVATM software-based runtime engine for flight training applications, and C-RADIANTTM plug-in module for geo-specific, multi-sensor image generation support, and it includes a COTS image generator providing images for an eight channel L3 Communications M2DART display system, a simulated NVG helmet-mounted display, Nav FLIR and weapons FLIR. Aechelon Technology also provided a database of the entire Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands with a corresponding materials map, and a radar database and database pager for the Camber Radar Toolkit, and it’s C-GENESISTM database generation system, for quick and efficient editing, creation and management of scene databases.

Aechelon Technology developed a sensor simulation technique, in collaboration with Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Mesa, AZ, in which sensor host processors are used with a correlated materials map to provide realistic, physics-based sensor simulation. The materials maps are derived from the same multispectral satellite data as the visual database, ensuring per-texel, per-frame correlation. The AFRL NVG sensor host to be delivered on the Spanish RNAWST is the state-of-the-art for the type F4949 NVG.

In addition, Aechelon Technology and Camber Sensor Systems of Dallas, TX collaborated to enable the use of a derived materials map and realtime pager to correlate radar images with Aechelon Technology’s OTW and sensor images on a per-pixel, per-frame basis at 60Hz. This functionality was first delivered and used in training by MAG-13 Squadrons at MCAS Yuma, AZ. The materials database derived from Aechelon Technology’s materials map supports all Camber RTK features of RGBM and SAR images with resolution of of interest.

“The ability to meet or exceed program requirements with a COTS solution and field-proven application
compresses the delivery time and removes much of the risk previously associated with the delivery of a high performance visual system, ” said Luis Garcia, SRNAWST Program Manager.

This is the second complete visual system delivered by Aechelon Technology for the AV-8B Harrier; the first was delivered and accepted at MCAS Yuma, AZ approximately one year after contract award.

About Indra Sistemas 

Indra Sistemas, S.A., Orlando, FL, with corporate headquarters in Madrid, Spain, is a leader in Information Technologies. The Company’s three lines of business are: Information Technologies, Simulation and Automatic Maintenance Systems, and Defense Electronics.

About Aechelon Technology 

Aechelon Technology is a leader in real time computer graphics applications for training, simulation and
entertainment markets. The company provides COTS-based, high resolution, multi-channel, geo-specific image generators, OTW and correlated sensor databases and integration services. The company’s image generators are field proven, and are delivered with full logistics support and documentation. Aechelon Technology, located on the Internet at, is headquartered in San Carlos, CA, and has facilities in Madrid, Spain.

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