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Image & Data

We design and develop high-end integrated software and data visualization products to deliver DoD industry-leading image and data generation capability. Powered by compact, multi-GPU hardware, our synthetic image and data generators offer uncompromising image quality at market-leading accuracy, frame rates and latency.

Multi-spectral geo-specific image generation for correlated out-the-window, electro optical, infra-red and radar. Our systems also feature degraded visual environments (DVE), aero-turbulence and brown-out enhancements

Uncompromising performance with low latency and sustained 120Hz update rates at 4k and 8k e-shift resolutions. Implemented on commercial PC hardware with NVIDIA® professional series GPUs in a cyber-secured Windows environment

Product Specifications

  • Compact 4U Server
  • 8 GPU Capable
  • Cyber-Secured Information Assurance Windows Environment
  • Low Latency and Sustained 120hz Update Rates at 4k and 8k E-Shift Resolutions
  • Enhanced Support for Degraded Visual Environments, Aero-Turbulence and Brown-Out
    • Depicts Physics-Based Dynamic Weather
    • Based on Real-Time Computational Fluid Dynamics and Airflow Visualization

Supporting Products


Improve simulation, ML training and visualization with geo-specific digital representations of real world environments.

Shared, Secure

Operate with confidence knowing that you’re protected by data-center-grade shared, secure storage systems.