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Geo-Specific, Multi- Sensor and Radar Worldwide Database

Used to enhance mixed reality and flight simulation, our geo-specific 3D worldwide databases provide ultra-realistic, highly detailed depictions of real-world global environments. End users employ our geo-specific databases to conduct realistic mission rehearsal across multi-spectral real-world environments, drone-fed visualization for critical situational awareness during virtual ISR exercises, and even AI and ML model training.

Worldwide coverage with minimum resolution of 2m, up to 2-inch satellite and aerial imagery coverage and up to 1m elevation—providing high-quality visibility into the most minute details.

Industry-leading machine learning, broad area-derived features and high-detail areas of interest with geo-specific modeling.

Product Specifications

  • Unparalleled geo-specific multi-sensor and radar worldwide database
  • Access to hundreds of terabytes of high density data
  • Coverage, content and custom production available upon request

Supporting Products

Image and Data

Visual simulation drives situational awareness and faster decision making, while synthetic data enables AI/ML training.

Shared, Secure

Operate with confidence knowing that you’re protected by data-center-grade shared secure storage systems.