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Aechelon Technology Announces Expanded Geographic Coverage

Sunnyvale, CA (11/24/2000) Aechelon Technology Announces Expanded Geographic Coverage


Total 26m coverage 1,099,393 sq km
Total 4m coverage 138,604 sq km
Total 2m coverage 4,775 sq km
Total 1m coverage 5,268 sq km
Total .5m coverage 71 sq km
US Air Force Bases 11
US Naval Air Stations 3
US Marine Corp Air Stations 3
Metropolitan Airports 4
US Tactical Ranges 14
Current Coverage Details
Future Coverage Schedule


Aechelon Technology’s stock database includes over 1,000,000 square kilometers or 422,000 square nautical miles of the southwestern United States. The database area covers from 31 28 54N to 40 40 4N latitude, and from 108 30 21W to 120.28.31W longitude.
Base out-the-window coverage is derived from 6-band satellite data, composited into a true color mosaic. More than one tenth of the database is comprised of 4m satellite data, covering all tactical range areas and buffering key airfields outside of these range areas.

Over 40 high resolution aerial insets are available, varying in resolution from .5 meters per pixel to 2 meters per pixel. High resolution aerial coverage for the major metropolitan areas of Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, and San Diego, CA, is also available.

The following airfields are included in the stock database at high resolution (.5m to 2m pixel resolution) :

Air Force Bases 29 Palms EAF (1m), Blythe AFB (1m), Edwards AFB (1m), Gila Bend (1m), Indian Springs (2m), Kawich TR (2m), Laguna AAF (1m), Luke AFB (1m), Nellis AFB (1m), Tonapah AFB (1m), and Williams AFB (1m)
Naval Air Stations NAF China Lake (2m), NAS Fallon (1m), NAS North Island (1m)
Marine Air Stations MCAS Camp Pendelton (1m), MCAS Miramar (1m), MCAS Yuma (1m)
Commercial Airfields Goodyear Municipal (1m), Las Vegas International (1m), Phoenix International (1m), San Diego International (1m).
US Tactical Range areas at 4m resolution include the Nellis ranges (4807, 4808, 4806), as well as Ranges 2308A, 2306A, 2306B, 2507N, 2507S, 2508, 2505 and 2524. The Barry M Goldwater Range (2301W, 2301E, 2304) is available at 4m resolution with specific range areas at 1m and 2m resolution.

The entire database area includes a correlated materials map at a base resolution of 26m for use in C-Radiant and C-RADAR. The classification includes over 40 individual material types and is modulated with the visual out-the-window data to provide the industry standard in sensor-based simulation.


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