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Aechelon Technology Announces Planned Support for Upcoming AMD Opteron Processors

SAN CARLOS, Calif. (May 1, 2003) — Aechelon Technology, Inc. announced today that it plans to support the upcoming AMD Opteron processor in pC-NOVATM, the latest generation of Aechelon Technology’s image generation system.

pC-NOVA transforms clusters of high-performance, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS ) PC systems into rock-solid 60Hz frame rate, high-resolution, multi-channel geo-specific image generators running unmodified Microsoft’ Windows’ 2000 and XP operating systems. Aechelon Technology delivers pC-NOVA image generators to the DoD and DoD prime contractors as fully integrated systems that include all necessary hardware and software, including spare nodes, runtime software, databases, database generation system (to modify the delivered, or create a new, database), documentation and integration tools, with interface software for several standard host-side ICDs.

Planned support in pC-NOVA includes continued development and testing on AMD’s 64-bit technology, and extensive use of the enhanced performance of the AMD Opteron processor in 32-bit mode.
“We are excited about the upcoming AMD Opteron processor, which is designed to fully utilize 64-bit technology on the Windows’ platform,” said John Quinn, president and CEO of Aechelon Technology. “pC-NOVA, our latest-generation image generation environment, will make extensive use of AMD’s excellent memory bandwidth and HyperTransport technology connectivity, resulting in significant gains in performance. AMD’s 64-bit processors will give our users the capability to render large databases for real time image generation with uncompromised frame rate.”
“With our upcoming AMD Opteron processors, Aechelon Technology’s simulation and 3-D visualization customers will be able to experience faster rendering and computing cycles with their current 32-bit applications on a powerful, 64-bit platform,” said Barry Crume, AMD’s director of server platform solutions marketing, Computation Products Group. “AMD’s 64-bit technology is designed to provide AMD and Aechelon Technology customers a simplified migration path from 32-bit computing to a 64-bit environment, when they’re ready.”

About Aechelon Technology 

Aechelon Technology is a leader in real time computer graphics applications for training, simulation and
entertainment markets. The company provides COTS-based, high resolution, multi-channel, geo-specific imagegenerators, OTW and correlated sensor databases and integration services. The company’s image generators are field proven, and are delivered with full logistics support and documentation. Aechelon Technology, located on the Internet at, is headquartered in San Carlos, CA, and has facilities in Madrid, Spain.

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