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Aechelon Technology Announces Release of DBGS/Configuration Tools

Sunnyvale, CA (11/24/2000) Aechelon Technology Announces Release of DBGS/Configuration Tools

C-Genesis™ is Aechelon Technology’s toolset for editing, creation and management of scene databases, allowing the user to import elevation, texture and model data and to control the integration of such data into Aechelon Technology’s C-Nova™ runtime environment.The C-Nova image generation runtime engine is optimized for the use of high detail terrain elevation data, high resolution aerial and satellite imagery, and vector data for 3D cultural feature information. In order to maximize performance, optimized binary file formats are used for most of the data types that the runtime uses internally to generate real time scenes, making necessary an optimization and conversion process for any new data incorporated into the scene. The C-Genesis database tools provide this capability to the user.

The C-Genesis Feature Planter is one of the tools developed by Aechelon Technology to support placement of cultural features into the runtime database.Essentially, the C-Genesis Feature Planter is an artistic tool, allowing the user to plant any of the available cultural features in desired locations with as little or as much control as needed to achieve final placement.

Features include :

  • 4 independent planting modes (general, random, uniform, vector)
  • Multi-platform support (IRIX, Linux)
  • Support for both UTM and geographic lat/lon projections
  • Support for user-supplied models to augment Aechelon’s stock library of models

The C-Genesis Terrain Imagery Processor (TIP) is one of the tools developed by Aechelon Technology to support processing and generation of very large area fully geo-specific, textured databases from photographic (satellite, aerial, etc.) source data for use in the C-Nova image generation system. Aechelon Technology has deployed fully geo-specific databases exceeding one million square kilometers in area with resolutions up to 0.5 meters/pixel that were processed using this tool.
The C-Genesis Terrain Imagery Processor provides an intuitive and flexible environment for processing massive amounts of source imagery into the C-Nova geo-specific database format. The source imagery must have previously been ortho-corrected, color balanced and geo-referenced using any one of the many available commercial imaging packages. All source imagery geo-referencing is done in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection.

Features include :

  • Public plug-in interface for image format support
  • Use of standard world files for georeferencing
  • Multi-resolution sparce database generation
  • Multi-processor support
  • User-definable, advanced memory caching
  • Support of disk-based pyramid cache for increased performance
  • Multi-resolution inset blending/feathering
  • Incremental, additive rendering
  • Arbitrary, sub-database generation
  • Support for transparency “water masks”
  • Correlated sensor database generation for C-Radiant
  • Correlated radar database generation for Camber RTK

The C-Genesis Terrain Elevation Processor is one of the tools provided by Aechelon Technologythat gives users the ability to convert a variety of standard elevation formats and generate optimized terrain for use in the C-Nova runtime.

The six step process includes importation of raw 16-bit per post elevation imagery into the database generation system format, re-sampling of the elevation data to the desired resolution, flattening of selected areas for airbase integration, specification of the texture and terrain coordinates to be used in the real time generated terrain, generation of the actual real time terrain processed database, and extraction of terrain cells from the processed files in order to support the generation of cut-in terrain cells.

The C-Genesis ICD-Spy is primarily a diagnostic tool for Host/Image Generator (IG) communication.

The IG is controlled by a host through an area of shared memory called the ICD. The ICD Spy/GUI essentially inserts itself between the Host and the IG in order to monitor the ICD and even change values (giving workarounds to Host problems as well as helping to diagnose miscommunication errors).

Features :

  • Multi-platform support (Irix, Linux)
  • Override/Spy modes

The C-Genesis Configurator is a GUI alternative to editing config files using a text editor.

The C-Genesis Configurator simplifies configuration by presenting available options and basic error checking on entered data, as well as providing a more useful, visually pleasing interface.


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