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Aechelon Technology Delivers Image Generators to CAE USA for US Navy MH-60S TOFT6

Tampa, FL, November 28, 2007 — Aechelon Technology, Inc. announced today that it has delivered pC-NOVA™ image generators and databases to CAE USA for the U.S. Navy’s MH-60S TOFT6 program. CAE is the prime contractor for the MH-60S program under NAVAIR’s Training System Contract II (TSC II) and is currently under contract to design and manufacture seven MH-60S operational flight trainers (OFTs) and six MH-60S weapons tactics trainers (WTTs). When integrated together, the OFT and WTT form the MH-60S tactical operational flight trainer (TOFT).

The image generators provides 5 channels of high resolution OTW and NVG visuals, as well as three sensor channels with LLTV, FLIR and Day TV for the AN/ASS-44C Multi-Spectral Targeting System sensor fused system. The system will feature East and West Coast US and the Straits of Hormuz databases.

About CAE

CAE is a world leader in providing simulation and modelling technologies and integrated training solutions for the civil aviation industry and defence forces around the globe. With annual revenues exceeding C$1 billion, CAE employs approximately 6,000 people at more than 75 sites and training locations in 20 countries. The company has the largest installed base of civil and military full-flight simulators and training devices. Through its global network of 27 civil aviation and military training centres, CAE trains more than 75,000 crewmembers yearly. Through Presagis, CAE also offers modelling and simulation software to various market segments and CAE’s professional services division assists customers with a wide range of simulation-based

About Aechelon Technology, Inc

Aechelon Technology, Inc. is a leader in real time computer graphics applications for training, simulation and entertainment markets. The company provides COTS-based, high resolution, multi-channel, geo-specific image generators, OTW and correlated sensor databases and integration services. The company’s image generators are field proven, and are delivered with full logistics support and documentation. Aechelon Technology is located on the Internet at and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.