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Aechelon Technology’s C-Nova Image Generator Application Featured in Multiple Partner Locations at I/ITSEC 2000

ORLANDO, Fla., I/ITSEC 2000, Nov. 28, 2000– Aechelon Technology, Inc. announced today that its C-Nova™ image generator application will be featured in multiple partner locations at I/ITSEC 2000.

In collaboration with AFRL, Aechelon Technology is demonstrating an A-10 Full Mission Simulator at SGI’s booth. This demonstration is a geo-specific area of approximately 360,000 sq. miles in the SW United States and includesmany high resolution insets.  The views simulated include three channels of OTW and physics-based Night Vision Goggles and weapons FLIR; the sensor views are correlated per-texel, per frame at 60 Hz with the OTW scene.

In the USN/USAF Air Warfare Training Development IPT booth, Aechelon Technology, in collaboration with SGI and AFRL, is providing the highest level simulation as a standard for comparison in an interoperability demonstration with low-end and mid-range PC-IGs.  A visit to this booth will provide an unmatched opportunity to compare and contrast the training effectivenessand deployed costs of a wide range of systems.

Aechelon Technology is providing realtime content for the demonstration of a multiple channel, Barco 908 display system that is the follow-on product to the Barco 808 delivered by Aechelon Technology on the highly successful AV-8B Radar Night Attack Visual Upgrade Program.

Aechelon Technology continues its long-standing collaboration with Ciprico Inc. by providing Ciprico with the realtime content to exercise the steady state and burst requirements of the recently announced Ciprico FibreSTORE RAID product.
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Aechelon Technology provides COTS-based, geo-specific image generators, OTW and correlated sensor databases and integration services. Aechelon Technology’s C-Nova software based runtime engine transforms commercially available platforms into rock-solid 60 Hz frame rate, high resolution, multi-channel image generators. Aechelon Technology’s image generators are field proven, and are delivered with full logistics support and documentation. For more information about Aechelon Technology and its products, visit

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