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Aechelon Launching Partner of the Varjo XR-4 Series for Government Use

Aechelon personnel with a Varjo XR-4 Series. Image Credit: Varjo/Aechelon
Aechelon inspecting the advanced ergonomics of a Varjo XR-4 early production unit this year. Image Credit: Varjo/Aechelon

Aechelon VIDEO with Varjo XR-4 early production unit earlier this year features Aechelon’s Image Generator and Commercial Databases integrated with unclassified BRUNNER NOVASIM F-35 Cockpit & Motion Platform. Actual frame rate and movement as experienced by the pilot’s Headset was smooth at 90fps – capture rate for video was limited by the extreme XR-4 pixel density. Video/Image Credit: Varjo/Aechelon

Orlando, Florida — 27 November 2023 — Aechelon Technology Inc. announced today that it is the Launching partner for a fully integrated product line supporting the industry-changing Varjo XR-4 Series, the next-generation virtual and mixed reality headsets from Varjo.

The announcement is followed this week with the first public combined demonstrations of the XR-4 Focal Edition at both Aechelon and Varjo’s booths during the 2023 Inter-service/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando Florida, the world’s largest Modeling, Simulation and Training event.

Together with Aechelon, we are proud to push the boundaries and shift the paradigm of immersive technology for mission-critical work with the debut of the XR-4 Series,” said Timo Toikkanen, Varjo’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “We look forward to the continued success of our partnership and the transformative impact our virtual and mixed reality solutions will have on the landscape of training, simulation, and education.

Varjo’s world-class team of high technology expertise was a perfect match in corporate culture with our company and values of serving our most demanding government customers. This commercial release ensures the success of our ongoing government programs versions. A fundamental strategy was the reliance on the combined large volume production of both commercial and secure TAA-compliant variants to the wide market while ensuring particular needs of the Image and Sensor generators with the XR-4 Series for the highest end U.S. Government and Allied Forces needs,” said Javier Castellar, Aechelon’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

Aechelon and Varjo engineering teams have closely collaborated for over a year on several prototypes to ensure alignment of both companies’ product lines for this series. Combined engineering teams have traveled and worked together at each other’s facilities in Finland and the United States to maximize precision and performance.

Aechelon was awarded last year a large-scale U.S. Air Force Mixed Reality program further leveraging the Joint Synthetic Environment for the Virtual Test and Training Center (VTTC) in support of National Defense Strategy Readiness.

Aechelon Technology is a trademark of Aechelon Technology, Inc. XR-4 is a trademark of Varjo. NOVASIM is a trademark of BRUNNER Elektronik AG