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Aechelon Technology XR-4 Secure Edition Volume Deliveries

Timo Toikkanen (Varjo’s CEO, right), Javier Castellar (Aechelon’s CSO, center), and Seppo Aaltonen (Varjo CCO, left) at Varjo’s Headquarters in Helsinki on March 2024 (Image Credit: Varjo)

Video Capture of the Aechelon Image Generator in its commercial version, integrated with Varjo XR-4 Secure Edition Solution in action (Image Credit: Aechelon)

Helsinki, Finland – March 9, 2024 — Aechelon Technology, Inc. announced today that it is delivering Twenty-Nine (29) Varjo XR-4 Secure Edition units this month.

The milestone is the result of the strategic alliance between Aechelon and Varjo, a multi-year engineering collaboration supporting the U.S. Government. Both teams equipped during 2023 co-development labs at their respective headquarters to ensure that future products achieved together the highest levels of performance prior to the XR-4 full-volume production release for the U.S. Government and Allied nations in the most stringent secure applications.

As part of this press release, Aechelon also published an unclassified commercial version video showcasing their rock-solid Mixed Reality integration with Varjo XR-4 Secure edition while running on a motion platform supplied by BRUNNER Elektronik AG. It features the first XR-4 Secure Edition and the highest-fidelity worldwide commercial databases running smoothly.

The video was naturally downsampled and downrated to 60Hz for capture and publication. Still, it provides insight into what the pilots experienced in the originally smooth immersive foveated rendering of approximately 4Kx4K(*) per eye (twice the number of pixels than 4Kx2K) seamlessly fused with 20 MPixel per eye pass-through cameras at 90fps while flying unrestricted over extreme densities of terrain and 3d features on Aechelon’s in-service worldwide commercial database.

Aechelon Technology is a leader in real-time computer graphics applications for training, simulation, and entertainment markets. The company provides COTS-based, high-resolution, multi-channel, geo-specific image generators, OTW, and correlated sensor databases and integration services. The company’s image generators are field-proven and are delivered with full logistics support and documentation.  Aechelon Technology is ISO 9001:2015 certified, is located on the Internet at, and is headquartered in South San Francisco, CA.

Aechelon Technology is a trademark of Aechelon Technology, Inc. XR-4 is a trademark of Varjo.

(*) 3840×3774 per eye