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Air Force Research Laboratory and Aechelon Technology Enter Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

SUNNYVALE, CA, May 10, 2000 — Aechelon Technology, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Human Effectiveness Directorate, Warfighter Training Research Division (AFRL/HEA), located in Mesa AZ.

Under the CRADA, Aechelon Technology will provide expertise in developing and disseminating standardized sensor host interface control documents and identifying data sources and processes to streamline sensor database generation, and will demonstrate low-cost approaches to sensor simulation and integration with legacy (fielded) simulation systems. AFRL/HEA will provide access to the testbed simulators, as well as unclassified multispectral imagery, terrain elevation, cultural feature and other relevant data sources, and video of sensor effects. AFRL/HEA will also provide subject-matter experts and expertise in the evaluation of simulated sensor effects.

“The Government will benefit from the acceleration of the development,and lowering of the cost, of realistic training environments that will result from this relationship”, said John C. Quinn, chief executive officer and president of Aechelon Technology. “Cooperation in these areas is a necessary step for achieving affordable, realistic training environments.”

Aechelon Technology has adopted the AFRL-developed Network Interface Unit and Visual Interface Unit as standard, High Level Architecture-compatible interface protocols for interfacing its visual system with disparate hostprocessors, and will recommend and support further dissemination of this technology as a standard interface. AFRL/HEA has access to and has deployed Aechelon Technology’s C-Nova™ simulation and C-Radiant™ sensor simulation plug-in software under a right-to-use license, and an Aechelon Technology-developed large area, geospecific, fully correlated database in the Distributed Mission Training environment.

AFRL and Aechelon Technology anticipate that the most immediate benefit of the CRADA will be to give the Department of Defense the ability to generate multisensor, high-resolution databases for combat mission training and rehearsal, and that the development of geospecific database will be accelerated by a factor of four, with a corresponding reduction in cost.

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